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Bridge Full of Plants

Therapy for Therapists

We love supporting providers and therapists on their journey to healing.  Are you just starting out in practice and realizing you still have your own work to do?  Or perhaps you've been in practice for a while, but you've had trouble finding someone who can hold a strong enough container for you to relax into.  Being in the position of the client can be challenging and vulnerable; we are used to being in charge in the therapy room, and it may be difficult to trust someone else to do that job.


We have spent many years on both sides of the the table: as a therapist and a client.  We have a passion for offering a strong, safe space to other clinicians and love working with providers who already have a head start due to their experience and knowledge base.  If you are a therapist looking for your own therapist, we would love to offer you a free consultation to see if we might be able to help.  Contact us to schedule a call at your convenience.

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