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Online Therapy in Georgia

Online therapy, or teletherapy, has many benefits, but some people are nervous about what the process will look like.  We do online therapy using secure video chat through my electronic medical record software, called Simple Practice.  It is similar to a Facetime or Zoom call, but it is a secure video chat so that no one can access our session but you and your therapist.  Your session is not recorded.  Doing therapy over video has some differences from in-person therapy, which we will discuss in our first session, but most people find it to be highly effective and easy to "connect."  Even without being in the same room, we can develop good rapport, use somatic techniques, do EMDR, and develop a good working relationship.  Many people prefer teletherapy due to the convenience of attending sessions from their home or work.  Teletherapy also makes it possible for us to work together from anywhere in the state of Georgia.  Whether you are in Athens, Atlanta, Macon, or Augusta, you can focus on fit and connection over geography.

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