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About Caroline

There are many reasons why you might be seeking therapy at this very moment. It could be because of a major life event- a death, the end of a relationship, or a trauma. It could be because of a lot of small things that have accumulated over time. It could be preventative or restorative. Or it could be just because. You might be therapy-curious, or wonder if you even need therapy. Whatever has brought you to this point, I believe that the most important part of a therapeutic relationship is connection. 

My primary focus is grief, end-of-life care, cancer and caregiving, chronic illness, perinatal mood disorders, and trauma. I also enjoy working with teens and college students. I am a poly and kink-affirming therapist. 

I use EMDR, parts work, and  Ketamine Assisted Therapy to create effective and lasting change with my clients. My goal is to create a relationship and environment that is safe for my clients to get beyond talking about the crisis of the week, and to explore why they are having the crisis at all. 

You can reach me directly at

Education, Training, and Certifications

Trauma therapist Caroline Singletary who offers attachment focused therapy and EMDR in Athens, GA
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Education, Training, and Certifications

  • Ketamine-Assisted Therapy, Polaris Institute, 2023

  • Perinatal Mood Disorder Training, PSI, 2021

  • Somatic and Attachment Focused EMDR Basic Training, PTI, 2021

  • Certificate in Gerontology, UGA, 2021

  • Masters of Social Work, University of Georgia, 2021

  • DONA-trained Birth Doula, 2011

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"Openness is our greatest human resource."

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